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Welcome to Net War

This is an ongoing project to develop a browser based, graphical wargame using javascript.

Eventually AJAX will be used to allow multi-player games. I may develop a simple AI for stand alone games but that is a long way off.

The game takes its inspriation from the Gameboy Advance game Advance Wars. There are quite a few changes though, mainly to simplify the gameplay. At the moment I have no plans to impliment sea and air units.

How to Play

This is a turn based wargame. Each player completes a turn, moving units and attacking opponent units, then the other player takes their turn.

At the beginning of each player's turn they earn funds from buildings they control. Any of their units on a building they own are repaired, though this costs them some of their funds.

On a player's turn they can activate their units by clicking on them. Information on the unit and its current action options will appear on the left of the screen.

Move: Spaces on the map the unit can move to will be hilighted in yellow. Clicking on a hilighted space will cause the unit to move there. Clicking on the unit will cause it to stay put.

Attack: Once the unit has moved it may have an opportunity to attack. Indirect fire units (archers) cannot move and attack in the same turn. If a unit can attack, the spaces they can attack will be hilighted in red. If an oppponent unit occupies one of these spaces a target will appear over the unit and it can be clicked to be attacked. You can choose not to attack with a unit by clicking on it.

Capture: If a unit is on a building it does not own it can choose to capture it.

Undo: Pressing the Escape key or clicking undo will undo the last part of a unit's action (unless it is exhausted).

A unit will exhaust when after it attacks, captures or if wait is selected.

The player can also click on buildings. If you own the building you will be presented with a list of units you can build on the left. Click a link to build the unit.

To end a player's turn click the "End Turn" link.

Currently you have to play both players.